Her Miniature: A Short Story

A creepy, rather sordid, somewhat kinky story, HER MINIATURE, will be posted at Kindle Select by tomorrow morning. Julia Davenport has a pretty strong effect on people — especially men. 

These stories have been influenced by the struggles so many of us in our 40s and 50s have with love, sex, romance, fidelity and adultery. It’s almost as if heading into our middle age years we can’t help ourselves and just jump right at the most intense and personal aspects of who we are. Is enlightenment possible if you’re fantasizing about an affair or spending your time going crazy in one? Possibly. Maybe the enlightenment you achieve comes from learning your lesson one way or another…
I worry most about all of us Boomers as we head towards our final twenty years, but I worry as well about the next generations coming up. No one talks enough about how crazy (and adolescent) the 40s and 50s can be. The intensely personal is still the most interesting aspect of life. And the least understood.
Me? I’ve learned too much for one life in the past 3 years. The most vital thing is that Love is still the most important thing in life. The second most important thing is that Love is a very, very slippery proposition. 
Read the Julia Davenport stories. You’ll see.
What Goes Inside is already posted and free to download through Saturday, February 18. 

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