Swimming Through the Sparkles

I’ve published two stories to the Kindle site at Amazon.com in the past week. They can both be found at the following Kindle links:

What Goes Inside

Her Miniature

What Goes Inside is currently listed as #57 on the list of free literary fiction offerings. Her Miniature is listed as #77. I’m hoping folks will download both as much as possible today and tomorrow while they’re free. However, if you really want to make my day, wait until Monday and download them for the Amazon price of $2.99.

Let me know if they’re worth it, too.

I admit that these stories are quite provocative and a bit nasty and even nihilistic. They are part of a larger manuscript, all dealing with the love thing as it affects those of us heading into middle age. Julia Davenport is an amplification of a lot of stuff I’m reading and hearing about these days. Many women are as full of wanderlust as men.

Some of the stories I’ve heard over the past 6-8 years are quite interesting–and heartbreaking. They inform some of Julia Davenport’s life. If anything, she seems to me to represent a very deep and very strong aspect of women that I notice here in the 2000s. I am so amazed by the strength and character of the women I know and see everyday. There is a fearless, strong, warrior queen in these women. They may be moms and wives, ex-wives, girl friends, even grandmoms, but they have that thing in them.

I think of that thing as a piece of Diana. Diana is the Goddess of the Hunt, the Moon, and Birth. If they were to fully tap into their inner Diana, men wouldn’t stand a chance (in many different ways). At the same time, though, the profoundly noble spirit of Diana is right there at the edge of the cliff. The same kind of spirit is in some men (Apollo). Note I say “some” men. The book that best points to that spirit is Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. Need I say more?

The book cover you see in this post is something just finished yesterday. My third story in what I think of as “The Julia Cycle” is ready to post to Kindle. However, I’m waiting, wondering if anyone might want to read it. Let me know if it’s time to post it.

This will likely be the last post of these in this format. I am shooting to have the full cycle of eight (8) stories compiled into novel format and posted to Amazon sometime in the spring. Keep a look out. Let me know your thoughts on everything Julia Davenport. She’s kind of a mess, but aren’t we all?

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Happy Reading.

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