Trying to Care: A Story Collection

Trying to Care, a collection of six short stories about love, family, confusion, parenting and mid-life romance, has just been published at’s Kindle Book Store. These stories are not intended to provide answers to the reader. They are intended to give perspective and strange insight into love in these post-modern times.

“I Could Pity You” starts the collection off with a wife trying to get her husband to quit smoking when she tells him it makes her want to pity him. In “Millie Floating,” a husband waking up one snowy morning is convinced his wife has murdered the family dog. 
“Jenna’s Mother”finds a daughter troubled by her mother’s late life situation living in Section 8 senior housing. Jenna Tambore feels uncomfortable in the building and confused about how to help her mom. 
In “House Sitting,” a husband struggles to understand why it is he and his wife are always fighting. He gets his answer taking care of the neighbors’ house while they’re away on vacation dealing with a rodent problem. “Guda and His Son” is the shortest story in the collection. It is about a Pakistani father and son behind the counter at their service station on 9/11. 
And, finally, the title story, “Trying to Care,” finds a successful entrepreneur admitting to his new girl friend that he has placed a closed-circuit camera in his mother’s apartment so that he can watch her whenever he wants. This is because he never visits her. He must also deal with a promise he made to her years ago. 
Please go to my Amazon page at Authors Central to learn more about this book and others I have on Amazon:

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