Conspiracy Theory and The Near Future

A book announcement.

The 1970s were the pinnacle years for conspiracy theories in America. Uncertainties about JFK’s assassination got things rolling in the 1960s, but the stories got weirder and weirder the more we watched our great cultural heroes pass on into death well before their time — Kerouac, Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, MLK, Jr., even Elvis — to name just a few.

For years it was said that no one ever saw The Doors’ Jim Morrison’s body after he died and that his grave in Paris was empty. 

Conspiracy theorists had a field day when evidence of CIA misdeeds came to light during the Church Committee Hearings. No one had ever heard of Remote Viewing. The experiments performed by various military and CIA intelligence units on unwitting citizens using psychedelic drugs seemed like proof that the mysteries of LSD, mescaline, and psilocybin were more than psychological fancy. 
As the 1970s gave way to the 1980s & 1990s, abandoned missile silos throughout the prairie belt of the US became decommissioned and old school Cold War paranoids became convinced the military was up to something far more dangerous than nuclear missiles. And then there were all the stories about secret “black helicopters” and paramilitary militia groups, bolstered by the realities of the Reverend Jim Jones, David Koresh, and other fanatic cult groups. 
My new novel, Beyond the Will of God, playfully links a good portion of these tantalizing “theories” together. Imagine as well that something far more important is at the root of what’s really been going on. Somewhere in the heart of central Missouri in the near future, mysterious music will filter through night darkened farmland. The dead body of an Amish teenager will launch a police investigation that leads to a great deal more than a simple homicide. Elvis will be seen roaming the countryside. A young, drug-addled clairvoyant will arrive in the area, confused about some odd power that improvisational psychedelic music has over human consciousness. The Sumter brothers and their unofficial militia group are also somehow involved.

Police Sergeant Jill Simpson teams up with Philadelphia tabloid reporter Franklin Harris to tie all of these issues together. These mysteries play out amidst the dense heat of rural central Missouri and on the edges of the almost forgotten city of Columbia. Secrets are revealed about the supposed doors of perception and the limits of expanded consciousness.

If you are looking for summer reading that is fun and thought provoking and far beyond the usual, this book is worth the read. I think of Beyond the Will of God as sort of a fairytale for Baby Boomers and other people who “get it.” It’s part thriller, part mystery, part science fiction, part paranormal speculation.

Publication is scheduled for June 15 at Amazon’s Kindle Store. Contact me if you’d like an advance digital copy (available by June 1). Just email me and I will forward you a digital copy for your iPad, Kindle, Nook or most anything else.

See the top of the page to sign up for email updates regarding Beyond the Will of God and other stuff I’m working on.

And, lastly, for what it’s worth, please forward the link for this announcement to those who might be interested. Believe it or not, all the marketing studies out there say that word-of-mouth is the most effective way to sell books. I’m an independent writer. I need your help. Post the link on your FaceBook Page, email it to friends, Tweet it, whatever makes sense. I am Grateful!


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