Stumbling Into a Beautifully Lit Room: The Convergence of Mind with Sustainability

Definitely a sunrise in August

There’s a quiet revolution going on worldwide. Some of you may know about it. I’m not sure how much of this revolution is a function of the Occupy movement and how much Occupy is a function of that revolution. 

I’ve been doing last minute research into the world of transformative consciousness as I prepare to publish Beyond the Will of God. I’ve found some interesting places on the Internet. They all give me the impression that the “revolution” I speak of is one in which Consciousness Expansion and Sustainable Development are in the process of merging…again. I feel a bit as if I’ve stumbled into a very beautifully lit room full of quiet people reading various books and looking at screens, waiting for something to happen.
In the 1960s, trailing into the 1970s, questions of enhanced awareness and transcendental consciousness led to the birth of the appropriate technology movement and re-fueled the environmental movement. Somehow The New Age movement of the 1980s through 2001 kind of got us off track (too busy figuring out how to use transcendental ideas to help people justify getting rich quick, I’m afraid). But now we have, in some ways, a move again towards concern for raised consciousness and more open awareness of the meaning of life. In some ways it seems like this time it’s spinning out of the sustainability movement. There is also mixed into this what some are calling the New Entheogen Revolution or the Psychedelic Renaissance. 
Whatever you think about these convergences, I find it all quite interesting. My little mystery novel that isn’t really a mystery novel is somehow part of some of this. You will have to read it to see what I’m talking about. 
In the mean time, I want to direct you to a more “out there” blog that I’ve started up recently on I’m kind of working through core issues for defining my interests as a writer there. Hopefully I’m also contributing in a small way to the revolution, such as it is. See my Evolver Profile by clicking here and note the current blog entries. The most important one so far is called “In Praise of Mystery and the Powers of Mind.” 
Evolver is definitely something to check out more generally. Also take a look at Reality Sandwich. People are thinking about big issues again. They should be. It’s kind of important. 
I’ll close with this little tidbit of information, a lot this stuff seems to be getting a serious jolting boost from the growing DMT movement. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, there’s a very gentle introduction to this world in Beyond the Will of God. You can also Google DMT to your heart’s content. 
More soon on this issue if anyone’s interested. Just let me know at my FaceBook Page here:

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