Indies Unlimited Sneak Peak: July 8

Indies Unlimited is a great resource for independent authors and their readers. They post loads of information on quality books available at reasonable prices online. They also run a fabulous FaceBook page you should check out here:

At around 5:00 on Sunday evening, July 8, they will be posting one of their Sneak Peak specials on Beyond the Will of God. You can take a peak and then use their store to buy my novel through Kindle. Or, you can buy the book right now.

A little more news here as well. I’ve been hard at work setting up a paperback version of the book. If you’ve been following this blog at all over the past few weeks, you know that this is one of the basic rules for Indie Writers that I’ve discovered (Lesson #9). Kindle books are a great buy at under $9.99 (BWG is a steal right now at $2.99). But half the readers out there are still just not interested in making the investment in an e-reader — or they have issues with reading on a screen.

Cover for the paperback

So, I just finished up a second round of proofs and am waiting for the next set of gallies to be sent to me. I feel confident the corrections I spent all day making will merit a finished product by the end of next week. That means you will be able to buy a paperback version of Beyond the Will of God before the end of July.

That’s all good news, I hope. Now the medicinal news. Writers have to work with Amazon and Create Space on pricing. Ultimately, they give you your say on things, but they have to cover the cost of manufacturing, marketing, and distribution. They have a pretty hardcore equation for print-on-demand publishing and because they sell to a huge number of outlets, the equation has to take all costs into account. I looked at the best pricing given their equation. The price I have come up with is fairly competitive. And you need to remember you can still get the e-book for $2.99. The comparative paperback price will be $15.99 (plus shipping, of course). It’s comparable to pretty much anything you’d buy at Barnes & Noble or your local bookstore. If you have strong opinions about this, please let me know. 

In the meantime, check out Indies Unlimited after 5:00 p.m. on Sunday. Now’s the time to buy the book electronically. It’s really intended to be crazy summer reading. 

See you in the funny papers. 


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