Expanded Horizons and Raising the Price: More Adventures on the New Frontier of Publishing

Economic and technology revolutions happen in the unlikeliest places…

This week Beyond the Will of God has jumped the Amazon Shark and arrived at two additional ebook sales sites — Nook and Only Indie. I have also raised the price of the ebook. The $2.99 price was an introductory offering. The book will now be $4.99 at both the Amazon Kindle site and the Barnes & Noble Nook site. That’s still $3.00 off the price I will set for all of my novels after they’ve been on the market for 6 months or so. $7.99 is still quite reasonable compared to the corporate publisher’s prices.

NOOK Tablet

There’s a great loophole to all of this price talk, though. Only Indie is a new book site that you really have to check out. The pricing model is to set every new book at “FREE” until 15 copies are purchased. The price goes up by $0.01 for every book bought after that up to the limit of $7.98 tops. That means you can order a digital copy of Beyond the Will of God for $4.99 at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, but go to Only Indie and get it for free right now (or some very low price). It’s up to you. I like money. But I also want to make sure folks have every opportunity imaginable to get ahold of my work.

Over the next few weeks, Beyond the Will of God will also migrate to Smashwords, Kobo, and Sony. Smashwords will eventually place it at a number of other sites including Apple’s iBooks site.

Remember as well that the paperback version of the book is available through a number of outlets including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Just click and the web-gremlins will take you there.

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