Implosions Making Slow But Steady Progress: Reader’s Draft Available

CRT Implosion – Source: Niels Noordhoek,

I have Implosions of America out now in Reader’s Draft form. I am looking for readers who are interested in giving me review, copy-editing, and consistency advice. The book is available in any form your ereader wants. Just email me and I can forward a copy. You will likely pay up to $7.99 for the book in final form this fall.

This week I’ve been working carefully with my Reader’s Draft making changes and catching shit that shouldn’t have ever slipped through but did. I’m surprised, though, and rather excited by how these stories have cured over time. I think of the them as true romance fictions. Without doubt they are presented from male POVs, so I won’t win any fans with all the women I know who love to read…most likely.

But I know these stories do what I want them to. This life we lead here in the early 21st is such a ball of confusion. Sometimes I worry that the reason so many people are over the top about reading romance is that they’ve forgotten what love is or lost the ability to see it before their eyes. Recent book reviews in the New York Times and The Atlantic make me feel like women see this issue of love so much differently than men.

I can’t speak for women at all, but I know for men love and all its associated insanities are both comical, arousing, and pathetic. Sometimes it’s tragic. Implosions is about the intersection of it all. I try to stay away from tragic. That’s coming. Promise. The tragic requires more open space and a touch of the wilderness. The tragic occurs in Ex:Urbia. For now, Implosions of America takes the story far enough. Remember the song by Jefferson Airplane, “Volunteers of America?” Well, that was then. This is now. “Implosions of America” is what they’d be chanting these days.

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