You Can Follow This Blog

To the left of this post, just under the thumbnail of the cover of my novel, Beyond the Will of God, you can now click on a “Follow” box to receive information on new posts for this website.

I will be posting information on the upcoming November release of Implosions of America: Nine Stories, including excerpts, along with directions on how you can get free copies. I will also be posting excerpts from my novel Ex:Urbia that will be released in the spring — about love, lust, and madness in the outer suburbs of Philadelphia.

As always, info on any posts I do online, including my new column “Talking Indie” at can be found here. I’m also working on extended essays that I will be posting early next year at my blog The Formality of Occurrence. One is on the attempt to talk about music in novels and how I hope writers can dig a bit deeper in their efforts in the future. The other essay is about a problem I see in modern literature with how men are depicted and the need to create more honest, well-rounded characters. If we don’t get men right in stories, why should we expect them to read books? More to the point, is literature supposed to be about the way life is or some fantasy of how it could be?

So FOLLOW me with one click if you will. I’d appreciate it. Indie authors such as myself need your eyes and frontal cortex to succeed. I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t feel I had something different to offer readers.

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