Cover Reveal: Implosions of America

English: Barnes & Noble Nook

There are fabulous, creative artists everywhere in this country. I am so grateful to photographer extraordinaire Warren Harold for use of two of his images of a building implosion for both the cover of my new collection of stories and promotional highlighting of articles for my book. Yes, that’s his photo of the West Pavilion Professional Building at the Houston Medical Center in my latest post, “Everyone Gets a Scarlet Letter.”

Check out Warren’s work at his website, He has a discerning eye for the bizarre and interesting. And seems equally at home with people, portraits, and inanimate objects. What I see in Warren’s work is passion for the magic that images elicit in us in the day-to-day. That magic is so odd. Were we to allow ourselves to be fully amazed by what we see, it is likely we would all wander the earth hypnotized by all the incredible angles and portions of life that rise up to us. In every shot Warren posts at his site, you’ll see that striking incredulity.

I am so pleased and excited then to be able to use Warren’s photo montage of the full implosion of the West Pavilion Office Building as the centerpiece to the cover for Implosions of America. These stories represent about 10 years of work for me. They haven’t been collected in chronological order, but I can see the development of my understanding of language in them. They are all about the waltz we do with self-destructive thoughts. As with everything I write, emotions are characters as much as the people who have them. The fog of emotions trying to crystallize in our lives sometimes feels like alien spectres are working to get into the world through our confusion.

Implosions of America will be released to Amazon and Barnes & Noble on November 16th of this year in both digital and paperback formats. I hope you keep this book in mind as a holiday gift option for discerning readers you know. Sign up to follow this blog through email at the top of the left frame on the Home page to stay caught up. I will be posting several excerpts over the next few weeks and more commentary on the book. Anyone interested in an advance review digital copy should contact me at I’d be happy to send you a free copy in exchange for a review on Amazon, Goodreads, B&N or anywhere else you like.

And so, with no further ado, I’d like to reveal the final cover for my book. All the best and stayed tuned for the release. I thank you for your interest.

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