Holiday Price Slashes: Fiction By David Biddle

Up to 80% Off!

It’s Black Friday. Holiday pricing for ebook versions of Trying to Care: A Story Collection and Beyond the Will of God: A Jill Simpson Mystery are now at the rather low levels of $0.99 each. Take advantage of these offers. You can read electronic books on E-Readers, of course, but you can also download reading apps from Amazon that let you read books on your smartphone or your computer as well. Books that list at $4.99 cut by 80% to a penny under a dollar are good deals. Buy one for yourself and use Amazon’s “Give as a Gift” button to grace your friends and family with fiction by one of Missouri’s most off-beat independent writers living in Philadelphia.

Also, because I want you to read my work, I’ve slashed pricing for the paperback edition of Beyond the Will of God from $15.99 to $13.99. In addition, I’ve also dropped the price of Implosions of America: Nine Stories from $7.99 to $6.50. Just click on the titles and the old linky thing will take you to the requisite page. (Note: links above are to CreateSpace; Amazon’s system takes some time to catch up, so if you go there to find price reductions, you may not see them reflected there for a few days).

These reduced prices are as close to the allowed minimums by Amazon and CreateSpace, so take advantage of them and buy your friends and neighbors great books as holiday gifts. They’ll thank you for the thought.

On a sad note, I just learned yesterday that the awesome and fabulous ebook website “OnlyIndie” is shutting down after just a few months of trial. The idea was exciting. They offered the first 15 copies of indie books for free, after that each copy purchased went up by a penny (up to $7.98 as a top book price). It was a living, breathing attempt to use something called “dynamic pricing” to give indie writers an edge but keep prices down all at the same time. I think it was a fair and equitable system. But apparently not enough people caught on.

For what it’s worth, the success of all independent entrepreneurs is only possible with your support. Indie artists don’t want to hold bake sales, and most of us don’t feel comfortable asking for contributions or grants. We just want to sell our creations at what we know are reasonable prices. When you buy my books, you know you are getting a product that I’ve poured my soul into. You also know that if you email me with complaints and leave comments here that I will reply with honesty and whimsy and excitement.

So, Happy Black Friday. Happy Holidays. Check out my work. Think about multiple copies as gifts. And trust that you’re supporting someone who cares as much about a good read as you do.


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