I’m the author of the novel Beyond the Will of God, a mystery-thriller-speculative-visionary-psychedelic-magical realism novel set in Central Missouri farm country. If you wonder about the deep power of loud music and the potential of creative human consciousness, you will appreciate this novel. Absolutely not your same-old-same old…

I am also the author of the short story collections Trying to Care and Implosions of America. Both of these are straight-ahead American Realism with a touch of twisted psychosis. Implosions of America has been available through Amazon since November 16, 2012 (see the left frame to check it out).

As a contributing writer to Talking Writing magazine, I post a regular column on the Indie Writing Movement called “Talking Indies.” See one of my latest essays at Talking Writing: “The Word Thieves.”

Also, check out my blog The Formality of Occurrence (FoO) regularly. I try to present off-angle, subversive, and thought-provoking commentary every few weeks or so. I love American culture. I love this country. But I will never cease to be amazed at how dumb and communally foolish we can be. Rebellious, subversive opinions are a patriotic duty for some of us. Reading those opinions and reacting to them is, hopefully, a patriotic duty for at least some of you.

Lastly, you can find my Tumblr tumbles at dcbiddle.tumblr.com This is mostly creative flash work, stream of consciousness and word jazz — unedited and unexpurgated, but at least partially interesting in that it is a poetry of the text that runs through my brain when I’m more or less stark raving naked and feeling quite kind about this life we are all caught up in.

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