Writers and the Holidays: Advice to Readers and Friends

kindle-christmasCottage industry has slipped back into vogue in America in the past five years. Indie authors are setting up shop in bedrooms and dining rooms and kitchen tables on every street in every neighborhood from Staten Island to Oahu. In 2005 about 300,000 new book titles hit the shelves of bookstores and the pages of Amazon. In 2012 I’ve read estimates of over 1,000,000 titles — just for this year alone!

It used to be when I told people I was working on a book, they would look at me like I was some cute, exotic monkey creature with bucked teeth and big brown eyes. Now they say, “Oh, do you know Ed Jones or Continue reading

Wanted: Reviewers and Book Bloggers

Photo image for the story “Fishing for Success”

Implosions of America: Nine Stories will be released Friday morning on Amazon as an ebook. You can already get it as a paperback at CreateSpace. The paperback will be available through Amazon before the weekend is over. I’m still thinking about whether I want to go through a shark jumping exercise and post to other sites like Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, etc. For now Amazon and CreateSpace are your best bets.

For what it’s worth, independent publishing is hard enough, what I’m doing with Implosions is close to insane. The Amazon-Indie system is astoundingly good for genre and pulp fiction — whether you’re talking romance, mystery, thriller, YA, or sci-fi. Historical fiction and non-fiction are also pretty well served. Throughout the Internet over the past several years large networks have been established for genre fiction. Book bloggers specializing in specific types of story are common. So are niche FaceBook sites, genre communities, Continue reading

Story Excerpt from the Collection Implosions of America

Final cover front & back


(a 2,400 word excerpt)

The eclipsing sun pierced my right pupil for just a split second as the moon slid into place and Bailey’s Beads began to spin. Bailey’s Beads are little solar flames of prismed ruby light bouncing off the valleys of a black moon. I just needed a glimpse of that one eclipse with my naked eye. Just one tiny split of a moment. That took place up in the Cascade mountains in 1979, more than thirty years ago. I’m sure this is the cause of my vision troubles today.

Dr. Davis has been after me for several years now to visit an ophthalmologist. I used to love the way Continue reading

The Bone and the Flower: New Frontiers of Literature or Sexual Fantasy?

Guernica, which is one of the best online culture magazines out there today, just posted their November 1 edition, and it’s quite a compendium of stories, interviews, essays, art, and poetry. They offer a pretty insightful interview with Junot Diaz that gets old JD to let his hair down quite a lot about his alter ego Yunior de la Casa.

I can also very strongly recommend reading Frank Cassese’s essay, “It Doesn’t Mean We’re Wasting Our Time,” a poignant and quite insightful story about the meaning of a postcard he received from the late, great, and beloved writer, David Foster Wallace. For every writer out there on all levels, this essay is a must. And, to be honest, I think people who just love to read books as well as people who love writers (that is, sleep with them and commit loving but, hopefully, sweetly salacious acts with them) should also read this piece. Cassese gets at the heart of the question: Why the hell do we do this to ourselves? It’s a great essay. Guernica should be proud of themselves for getting this out to the rest of us. Continue reading

Implosions of America Short Story About to Self-Destruct

Front and back cover

Sometime this evening, I will be pulling the plug on my post of the title story to my new collection, Implosions of America. Read it now, save it, or print it out. And remember that November 16 is the release date for the book.

Go here: http://davidbiddle.net/2012/10/22/implosions-of-america-an-election-story/

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Implosions Making Slow But Steady Progress: Reader’s Draft Available

CRT Implosion – Source: Niels Noordhoek, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:CRT_implosion.JPG

I have Implosions of America out now in Reader’s Draft form. I am looking for readers who are interested in giving me review, copy-editing, and consistency advice. The book is available in any form your ereader wants. Just email me and I can forward a copy. You will likely pay up to $7.99 for the book in final form this fall.

This week I’ve been working carefully with my Reader’s Draft making changes and catching shit that shouldn’t have ever slipped through but did. I’m surprised, Continue reading

Awesome Indies Reviews My Novel BEYOND THE WILL OF GOD

My little novel about really big issues has been reviewed by Awesome Indies. I’m pleased to announce it made the cut to be posted at their site. Check out the review…